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Personal Insurance


The belongings and possessions in your home deserve the same amount of protection as your house, car, and family. If your car was stolen or damaged, your auto insurance covers the loss. Personal property coverage does the same for the contents of your home.

Lina Insurance Services knows how important our client’s personal items are to them. Whether you’re the holder of a necklace that has been passed down in your family for generations, or you saved money for years to buy that collectible statue, protect your assets with the right personal property coverage.

You should take some time to assess your belongings to ensure that everything you own is properly covered. Make a record of items that are valuable to you either monetarily or sentimentally. Taking pictures and writing documents is what Lina Insurance Services recommends.

When you speak with one of our helpful and professional agents, we will go over two different types of personal property coverage:

  • Actual Cash Value Coverage
    This policy covers the amount your item would be worth at the time of the loss. The best way to comprehend this coverage is if you were to sell the item at a garage sale, sales event, or online. You may receive a used item but not always a new one when you select this type of coverage.


  • Replacement Cost Coverage
    The premiums on this coverage are a little higher because the property items are covered for what it would cost to buy them new at the time of the claim.

Lina Insurance Services is committed to finding the perfect policy for you at the perfect price. We are experts in identifying your needs and guiding you through the process of personal property insurance with kind and professional agents. Call us today for a free quote! If you can move it, build it, or sue it, we can insure it!