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Commercial Insurance


Protecting your business from liability and property damage should be high on your priority list if you’re a business owner in Southern California. Exposing yourself or your company to unforeseen costs, especially when your family and employee’s livelihood depends on the business, is never a good idea. You will rest well at night when you purchase a business owners policy through Lina Insurance Services.

A business owner policy combines liability and property risks, loss of income, and extra expenses into one convenient package for small to mid-size businesses. A business owner policy includes:

  • Property Insurance
    Buildings and contents owned by the company are covered by property insurance. You can choose between two different forms, standard and special. Special property insurance will probably cost more, but offers more comprehensive coverage.


  • Business Interruption Insurance
    When fire, weather, or other catastrophic events affect your income, you will be covered by business interruption service. If you are operating out of a temporary location, it might also include those extra charges as well.


  • Liability Protection
    If someone is injured on your property, you are legally bound to cover the cost. Liability protection is used when someone is harmed during the course of business operations due to service errors, faulty installations, or defective products.


It is important to remember that business owner policies do not cover worker’s comp, health and disability insurance, auto insurance, or professional liability. You will have to purchase separate policies to ensure your vehicles, employees, and professional services are covered.

Lina Insurance Services is here to help you navigate through the dicey waters of commercial and business insurance. We identify your specific needs so we can find the perfect coverage for you. Call us at 818-505-0202 to speak with a professional insurance representative and receive a free quote today!