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General Liability Insurance

If you’re at risk of being sued due to negligence by third parties, you need to purchase a general liability insurance policy. The policy will cover those who produce harmful products, companies with employees, the driver who is steering the company vehicle, and businesses who offer the public professional services. In the United States, it is a legal requirement to be covered because you, the insured, are actively executing services, products, or activities that put others in danger of injury or loss.

Four different kinds of liability insurances can be included in a general liability insurance policy:

  • Public Liability
    Businesses around the world operate through activities and processes that may affect third parties such as the public, visitors, and sub-contractors. Public liability covers the cost of damage if someone is injured on the property during either business transactions or passing by.


  • Product Liability
    Many companies distribute products that the public buys and uses. If the product is harmful, the business is then at risk of being sued. Product liability insurance is perfect for those who supply vehicles, tobacco, medical devices, recreational equipment, electrical and mechanical products, chemicals, agricultural products and equipment, and food.


  • Employer Liability
    Are you covered if one of your employees is injured while conducting their job duties? Workers compensation operates outside of federal and state course, which means it is separate from general liability insurance.


  • Third Party Liability
    Protect yourself against damages from a third party with third party liability. The best example of needing third party liability insurance is when you are involved in a car accident with another motorist who is not insured.


General liability insurance is a necessity if you own a home or a business. Call one of our professional agents today so we can guide you through all of your options and find the perfect policy for you. Lina Insurance Services is committed to providing the most comprehensive coverage at a cost you can afford.